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Andrew H. W. Stone
Thank you very much for these comments. Carmen Gomez-Trigg -- thank you for confirming some of our observations based on your experience. Typically after a major evaluation, IEG agrees with the Management of the World Bank Group on actions to address the major recommendations a few months after the evaluation is issued, so efforts to address the identified problems will be committed to and monitored over the next three years. Mario Martinez -- thank you for sharing your experience in El Salvador. Certainly there are questions whether some services are "supply driven" or reflective of genuine demand by SMEs. And your point about quality is key. Ketan Mandani -- We are evaluators rather than service providers, but typically the World Bank Group works through intermediary institutions and does not directly finance individual SMEs. Thus eligibility for an IFC-funded private intermediary (e.g. a bank or equity investment fund), for example, would be specific to that instiution.
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