Terms of Reference

Period of work: May 1st – June 30th, very likely extension to next fiscal year 

IEGKC seeks an STC to join its Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) team. The ECD team is responsible for two IEGKC projects: the CLEAR (Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results) program and IPDET (International Program for Development Evaluation Training). 

Established in 2010, CLEAR is a unique global monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity development program that brings together academic institutions, think tanks, foundations, and multi- and bilateral development organizations to promote the use of evidence in decision-making. The program is a collaborative, global partnership, with regional centers in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, India, China, and a Global Hub (Secretariat) housed at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group in Washington DC. The centers have the mandate to deliver and help replicate effective ECD services. See information about CLEAR at this link: www.clearinitiative.org.
Founded in 2001, IPDET is an executive training program that aims to provide managers and practitioners with tools to evaluate development policies, programs, and projects at the local, national, regional, and global levels. The program features a Core Course, followed by in-depth workshops, taught by a dynamic group of renowned international faculty drawn from organizations around the world. IPDET has been a collaboration between the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank Group, and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada since 2001. Carleton University announced in March 2017 that it is ending its longstanding collaboration on delivering IPDET. IEG is currently considering the identification of a new IPDET delivery partner and preparing for the program offering of IPDET in June or July 2018. More information is available at: www.ipdet.org.  

The ECD team is a small team of 4-6 full time staff and part time consultants that work on both CLEAR and IPDET. We seek an STC with knowledge management (KM) and communications expertise to join the team. While the current contract will be for the period May 1st till June 30th, we are looking for someone who will be open to extending this contract to the next fiscal year – July 1, 2018 till June 20, 2019. 

Scope of Work and Specific Tasks

1) Knowledge Management and Learning (CLEAR) 

The consultant will lead the development and implementation of CLEAR’s KM and learning strategy, including the development and implementation of tools that support this strategy (website, online collaboration platform, learning notes, etc.). The objective of CLEAR’s KM and learning strategy is two-pronged: (1) to ensure Center-to-Center knowledge sharing and learning (1) sharing of CLEAR’s knowledge on M&E and ECD with external stakeholders, including institutions that deliver services similar to CLEAR services.  

Specific tasks include: 

  • Developing a coherent, practical strategy and annual work plan(s) that outline all KM related tasks, roles and responsibilities for the CLEAR global hub and CLEAR Centers. 
  • Advising the CLEAR team and CLEAR Centers' staff members working on KM on KM strategies, tools and approaches, and assisting in the implementation of these efforts.
  • Generating new knowledge content: capturing, codifying learning from CLEAR through various approaches and tools such as webinars, leaning notes, case studies, etc.  
  • Managing and promoting the CLEAR internal collaboration space (Confluence) by enhancing the usability of the space, keeping content up-to-date, monitoring usage, onboarding new members of the team onto the platform, etc.
  • Maintaining and promoting the CLEAR website, by ensuring information is updated regularly, monitoring usage, and posting original web content (searching for M&E-related content that could be of interest to CLEAR’s centers and stakeholders, or report on CLEAR activities and products).
  • Assisting in the development of multimedia content, including photo galleries, maps, slideshows and videos, logos, graphics, infographics, PowerPoint presentations. 

2) Communications support (CLEAR) 

The consultant will lead the planning and implementation of internal and external communication efforts for the CLEAR Initiative, to support the KM strategy and CLEAR’s strategy for Phase 3 (currently under development). 

Specific tasks include: 

  • Developing and implementing CLEAR’s communication strategy and branding strategy, and action plans that support these strategies with specific roles and responsibilities across the program.
  • Developing a coherent outreach and dissemination plan for standard CLEAR products developed under the KM strategy. This plan will identify specific goals per audience type and then strategically map KM products to meet these goals. 
  • Advising the CLEAR team and CLEAR Centers' staff members working on web/communications on web and communications strategies, tools and approaches, and assisting in the implementation of those efforts.
  • Promoting CLEAR Center events using IEG, World Bank and external networks and channels. 
  • Contributing to the writing, editing and designing of documents, such as the annual report, and other shorter reports. This includes consolidating contributions of lead authors, and designing the full document, and coordinating the production process. 
  • Preparing summary reports on the CLEAR program monitoring data. Contributing to the narrative sections of reports, as well as infographics, and other approaches such as short stories, podcasts, etc., to illustrate the progress of the centers and the CLEAR program as a whole.
  • Drafting a variety of standard project-related correspondence such as announcements and blogs.

3) Support program transition (IPDET) 

The consultant will support the smooth transition of IPDET’s functioning to a new delivery partner and assist in preparing for the program offering of IPDET in June or July 2018. 

Specific tasks include:

  • Supporting the handing over of the existing IPDET Program Architecture to the new delivery institution. This includes communication tools such as website, listserv, and social media.
  • Functioning as the key administrator for the IPDET listserv (Lyris).
  • Leading in putting together the program offering and registration for IPDET 2018
  • Leading in preparing outreach and marketing materials (e.g. course catalogue) for IPDET 2018
  • Any other tasks that will come up during the course of this transition


Special Terms & Conditions / Specific Criteria 

The consultant must be proactive, identify gaps and take initiative to fill these gaps, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and varying workloads. The position is located in Washington DC. 

Please send a cover letter (max 800 words) and resume to Juicy Zareen Qureishi-Huq (jqureishi@worldbank.org), latest by April 10th COB. Any applications sent after 5 p.m. April 10th will not be considered.


  • Master’s degree in development, communications or a related field and minimum of 5 years relevant professional experience.
  • Experience with developing KM and communication strategies.
  • Experience with design, organization and implementation of KM, knowledge sharing and communication activities.
  • Awareness and understanding of up-to-date KM and communication concepts, systems and approaches.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, and ability to produce quality work under tight deadlines; ability to organize, edit and draft a variety of documents.
  • Collaboration platform and website management experience. Online community management experience will be a plus. 
  • Work experience in fast-paced, client-focused, and multiple-stakeholder environments 
  • Proven ability to deliver projects and activities on time
  • Ability to gather and organize information and to synthesize knowledge from diverse sources of information.