President Jim Kim

IEG as a Learning Organization



How do you ensure that lessons learned from evaluations are reaching those who could most benefit? An initiative begun by IEG staff in 2013 is already showing results.

You often hear that evaluation has twin goals: accountability and learning.  In IEG, we have reenergized our efforts to ensure that the goal for learning is placed front and center in our work.  Why and how did we do this – and what can you expect from it?


A Clear Line of Sight

When Atul Gawande, the well known surgeon and writer, spoke at the World Bank in October, one of his many excellent examples struck me in particular. He contrasted the use of anesthesia with that of hand-washing.  Both ultimately supporting the goal of the surgeon – to save the life of the patient – but one more immediate and attractive, and thus easily accepted.  No, it wasn’t the hand-washing but rather anesthesia that won the contest. Why?

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