Evaluation During Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Current circumstances push us to rethink how to go about our evaluative work to address ethical, conceptual, and methodological challenges that will affect our capacity to conduct evaluations.  

Measuring Up: Metrics, Data, and Methods to Measure Success

Measuring Up: Metrics, Data, and Methods to Measure Development Results

There is an increasing expectation that development assistance be “results focused”—but what does that mean? How do we determine the targets that define the success of a given program, and what tools should we use to measure our progress?   What are the benefits and drawbacks of various metrics, methods, tools, and data gathering methods?  

"Measuring Up" is a series designed to spark…

Creating Markets series

Creating Markets

The Creating Markets series summarizes detailed lessons of experience and key takeaways regarding the World Bank Group's Creating Markets concept. Findings from relevant IEG evaluations over the last ten years provide a rich source of lessons and determinants of success that are relevant for the implementation of the Cascade Approach and the success of the Creating Markets concept. These…

Rethinking Evaluation

Rethinking Evaluation

Many development institutions subscribe to what has come to be known as the DAC evaluation criteria. Specifically, there are five criteria – relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability; in short R/E/E/I/S – that underpin most evaluation systems in international development.

Evaluation questions get framed around these criteria, and reports get written up using this…