Katsumasa joined IEG in 2015 and he has been working on corporate and thematic evaluation and learning. Key products include Results and Performance of the World Bank Group, Behavior Change, Off-Grid Electricity, and Joint Study with ADB and JICA on Water and Sanitation in Sri Lanka. He has also led a project-level evaluation on Water and Sanitation in Sri Lanka.

In recent years, Katsumasa has been leading innovation in evaluation and learning using new methodologies. His current work focuses on gaining actionable insights for organizational management and complex development challenges using Social Network Analysis (SNA). For example, he has applied SNA to measure knowledge flows and collaboration in the World Bank, Liberia’s health sector, and East Africa’s regional integration.

Before joining IEG, Katsumasa had worked both in operations and evaluation at JICA for 10 years. He holds MSc degree from Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex. In his dissertation, he successfully visualized and quantified learning among stakeholders in the Philippine’s geothermal industry using Social Network Analysis.