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Fragility and Conflict: Addressing the Causes and Consequences

Fragile and conflict situations in low and middle income countries have become an important focus of international assistance in recent years as recognition of the linkages between fragility, conflict, violence, and poverty has grown.

IEG LIVE: Harnessing the Transformational Power of the World Bank Group

IEG LIVE: Harnessing the Transformational Power of the World Bank Group

Transformational engagements are a critical pillar of the 2013 World Bank Group’s strategy for achieving its twin goals of extreme poverty elimination and shared prosperity. Join us to learn about the World Bank Group experience with…

IEG LIVE Land Administration and Poverty: The World Bank Group's Experience

ieg live event on land administration

Land is a critically important asset that underpins most economic activities. Land use and land rights are central to the work of the World Bank Group and to eradicating poverty, building shared prosperity, and fostering private investment and…

Checking the boxes: How Can the World Bank Group integrate Gender Strategy and Profitability into its Operations

What are the key factors that impact project performance? Are we checking the (right!) boxes when we integrate gender into World Bank Group operations? ​Join us to answer these questions at the launch of the 2015 Results and Performance of the…

IEG LIVE Bridging the Gap: How to Finance Universal Access to Housing by 2030

housing finance, ieg live event

Watch a re-play of a live panel discussion about how the World Bank Group is working to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring access for all to adequate, safe, and affordable housing.

IEG LIVE: Making Financial Inclusion Work for the Poor

financial inclusion, ieg live event

Join our panel of experts as they discuss IEG's findings and explore how the WBG and other partners are working together to improve financial access for the poor.

IEG LIVE: Resource Rich Countries: How the World Bank Group Engages

Watch a replay of the IEG Live panel conversation around experiences of and lessons from country program evaluations of WBG engagement in four countries that are endowed with abundant natural resources and also heavily depend on revenues from…

IEG LIVE Towards Young Children Thriving

early childhood on later outcomes, world bank support to early childhood development

President Kim and a panel of experts explore ways for the World Bank to more fully engage to meet the needs of young children and their families.

[Getting to] Informed Solutions from the Solutions Bank

Informed Solutions from the Solutions Bank

Can the World Bank get better at systematically leveraging the best evidence - from data and past experience – when shaping new development projects and programs?

IEG LIVE: What will it take to achieve Electricity Access for All by 2030?

electricity access, what will it take to achieve electricity access for all by 2030

Watch a replay of the panel discussion about the World Bank Group's role in the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, as well as IEG's evaluation of World Bank Group support to electricity access.

IEG LIVE: [How] Does the World Bank Group Learn...from its Operations? Lessons from the Fifth Discipline

how the bank learns, learning in the World Bank

IEG hosted a HARD-Talk with Peter Senge. Do organizations learn? Are the challenges we experience in the World Bank “normal”, or are they specific to us as an organization? What does a thought leader in organizational learning think of IEG’s…

Taking the Pulse: [How] Can the World Bank Group Perform Better?

Taking the Pulse: [How] Can the World Bank Group Perform Better?

We will explore new initiatives to help improve quality and performance of projects across the Bank Group.