Independent evaluation helps institutions look "outside the system" to identify issues.


Independent evaluation plays an important role to raise issues that other people might not raise. So when you are part of an institution like the World Bank Group, you are very often a part of a culture which tells you very clearly which boats you can rock and which ones you can’t rock; which issues you can raise and which ones you have to accept as simply being part of the system. Independence helps us to look at these issues and report on them where systemic changes are needed.

Watch the video blog for more on my thoughts about why independent evaluation matters in the World Bank Group.


Submitted by Abdul on Thu, 04/06/2017 - 04:31


Great points Caroline, I do agree that evaluation will raise the issues and look for solutions that will help management in doing things better. Sometimes, making people understand this point will require a huge amount efforts and time. Thanks. Abdul Majeed

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