The value of independent evaluation goes beyond cash equations 

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The challenge of mainstreaming gender-responsive evaluations in global organizations

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The choices IEG makes in what it evaluates and when impacts the effectiveness of our work 

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Evaluators have an important role to play in the response to the Ebola epidemic by sharing knowledge on what has worked in the past, what hasn’t and why.

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Value for money has become a much-buzzed about concept in international development in recent years. How can we apply it to evaluation and how would it change the way we do business if we did?

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Tracing learning's contribution to results in a complex world
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Speaking at the World Bank, Ben Ramalingam, author of Aid on the Edge of Chaos  set out a challenge to those working in the humanitarian and development fields: Move away from a narrow focus on what we think is important and take a more wide-angle...Read More »

The world’s leading development economists and evaluators have been engaged in a passionate argument for years on Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) vs. Observational Studies.   For those who want the four minute version of the debate, check out the exchange...Read More »

Organizations like drivers can suffer from blind spots. Independent evaluation can help provide a broader view.

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Impartially determining what works and what doesn’t through independent evaluation is central to achieving the Bank Group’s twin goals.

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IEG Learning Event
In the evaluation "Learning and Results" How the Bank Learns" IEG assesses how well the World Bank has generated, accessed and used learning and...
Ending Poverty: How Should the World Bank Group Measure it's Contribution?
The World Bank Group adopted the ambitious goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity by 2030. Taking a forward-looking approach...
In this evaluation IEG assesses knowledge-based activities in 9 country programs selected from 48 knowledge-intensive programs supported by the World...
With rapidly growing young population, West African stability and development depends on better employment  and education for its youth.
IEG hosted its sixth Evaluation Week March 18 – 21, 2013. The purpose of this yearly event is to share knowledge on the World Bank Group’s...
We are now facing a threefold global crisis: economic, food and climate. What has emerged from these crises is the vital importance of inter-linkages...

avian flu

The Bank's efforts to combat avian influenza offers a useful example in understanding how the agency can contribute to the provision of global public goods. This review aims to inform the provision of these goods by offering lessons from evaluation of the avian influenza experience.